Events Attendance Tool

About Events Attendance Tool

Events attendance tool is a simple web based tool that allows the creation of events, user registration to events, online tickets and online certificates of attendance. You may accept payments through PayPal,at the door, bank deposit or to create a free event. You can mark user’s attendance and email certificate links. Also you event will be promoted to people close to event location and on the homepage. You can set classroom or on-line events and even create perpetual events. This tool is Free for any use as Ads-supported tool or with a small fee per registration for an Ads-free version. Once you create an event you can find details on how to buy the Ads-removal service. You can always contact us using our contact form.Please note that we don’t manage or host the events. If you have questions about a specific event (i.e. registration issues) contact the event organizers. This tool provided as is without any warranty or any promise regarding service performance.

Happy Events!

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